Many urban areas, including Hartford, utilize a "combined sewer system" in which one pipe in the street carries both sewage and stormwater. In a typical sewer separation project, a second pipe is added in the street where the new pipe will serve as a sanitary sewer for household waste, and the existing combined sewer will remain in place as a dedicated storm pipe. Once construction of the sewer separation project in the street is complete, a new second pipe, or lateral, must be connected to each and every home and business.

Hartford Area Sewer Separation Projects

Granby Street 2/5

Tower Avenue Area South

Upper Albany 1

Franklin 13 - Upper Franklin Avenue

Franklin 5 - South Maple Avenue Area

Franklin 16, 17 & 18 Hartford Building Disconnects

Airport Road Pump Station & Force Main

Farmington Ave 6.0

Farmington Ave 7.1

Farmington Ave 7.2