When it rains, Bloomfield’s aging sewer system (26% of the 114 miles of sewer pipes are more than 50 years old) is frequently overwhelmed by stormwater that enters through both cracks in the pipes and laterals as well as drainage from downspouts, sump pumps and yard drains. This mix of stormwater and raw sewage causes basement backups and overflows to local streams both in Hartford. Bloomfield’s excessive sewer flow combines with that of Hartford and four other MDC towns and exceeds the Harford Water Pollution Control Facility treatment capacity. 

Several improvements have been or will be made in Bloomfield to prevent stormwater from entering the sewer system:

  • Homeowner storm drainage connections to the sewer system are being disconnected.
  • 2.2 miles of sewer pipe has been either replaced or rehabilitated with pipe lining technology. 
  • Construction of the North tunnel to collect and store excess flows from Bloomfield, Hartford and Windsor during wet weather events, allowing the sewage to be processed at the treatment plant once the storm subsides.