East Hartford

Every time it rains, deficiencies within the MDC District’s sewer system have an indirect effect on the quality of life in East Hartford, in the form of sewage combined with stormwater pollution the Connecticut River.

Though East Hartford has its own sewage collection system and recently upgraded treatment plant, other MDC towns depend on aging sewer systems that in some places are more than 150 years old. This aging sewer system is frequently overwhelmed by stormwater that enters through both cracks in the pipes as well as drainage from downspouts, sump pumps and yard drains. This mix of stormwater and raw sewage causes basement backups and overflows to local streams and the Connecticut River. This happens more than 50 times per year and impacts water quality along more than 30 miles of the Connecticut River. 

While the East Hartford Treatment Facility is able to successfully handle large amount of stormwater during rainy weather, a large amount of this stormwater is being unnecessarily treated creating an unnecessary expense to all MDC customers. When it rains, the amount of flow treated per day increases from 7 million gallons to 30 million gallons.

  • In East Hartford, prevention of excess stormwater in the system is being addressed by eliminating homeowner drainage connections that typically consist of down spouts, basement sump pumps, and yard drains.
  • A number of targeted pipes with cracked and broken sections have also received rehabilitation.
  • A targeted capacity improvement project has been designed for the Main Street/High Street/Brewster Street Area.