West Hartford

Due to large amounts of stormwater finding its way into the system, the wastewater system in West Hartford is often overwhelmed during rain storms, causing overflowing manholes, basement backups and raw sewage discharges into Trout Brook and the South Branch of the Park River. In West Hartford, excess stormwater enters the sewer through both household drainage connections, as well as through cracks in sewer pipes, some of which were installed in the early 1900s. 

The first step in addressing excess stormwater in the sewer system has been accomplished by:

  • Lining or replacing over 59 miles of sewer pipe in West Hartford to prevent infiltration
  • Rehabilitating or replacing 1,660 manholes in West Hartford with cracks or holes
  • Encouraging the voluntary disconnection of illegal drainage connections
  • Completing sewer point repairs in 80 locations along the over 190 miles of sewer pipe in West Hartford

In addition, we plan the following:

  • Additional future improvements include an infiltration and inflow prevention program, construction of relief sewers, and ongoing rehabilitation of antiquated pipes.
  • Targeted capacity improvement projects have been designed for the Four Mile Road area and Greenhurst Road.