The Clean Water Project is funded by a Clean Water Project Charge (CWPC) formerly known as the Special Sewer Service Charge. This charge, established by the District Board in 2007, is a dedicated fund created for the repayment of debt associated with the Clean Water Project. The CWPC is based on metered water consumption and is charged to MDC customers who have both water and sewer services. It is a dedicated fund with the sole purpose of funding the more than $2 billion needed for the Clean Water Project.

For 2018, the charge is $3.80 per CCF (a CCF is 100 cubic feet of water or 748 gallons). A typical household uses about  8.3 CCFs per month which costs approximately $31.54 per month. The CWPC is projected to fluctuate annually, depending on the level of our repayment obligations of the bonds and loans financing the Clean Water Project. When the bond indebtedness is paid in full, the CWPC will be eliminated.

The MDC actively pursues funding through available State and Federal grants, as well as low-interest loans from the State, which are currently available to help fund the Clean Water Project. The balance of the funding originates from the issuance and sale of bonds by the MDC.

For Phase I of the Clean Water Project, the MDC was able to fund 23% of the $800 million authorized by referendum through federal stimulus and state grants, and 35% through low-interest state loans, with the remaining 42% funded through bonds issued by the MDC. Maximizing state grants for funding the project lessens the financial impact on our customers.