The Clean Water Project Charge, based on water usage, was enacted in October 2007 pursuant to Section 10-1 of the MDC Charter. 

It is used solely to pay for the principal and interest on bonds and loans issued by the MDC to finance the Clean Water Project, a major sewer infrastructure capital improvement project mandated by the federal and state governments for the 8 MDC Member towns that have water and sewer service.

Once completed, the Clean Water Project will reduce combined sewer overflows to streams/rivers, eliminate CSO outfalls to Wethersfield Cove & North Branch Park River, address Sanitary Sewer Overflows outside of Hartford and reduce nitrogen discharges from our sewage treatment plants, which will result in a cleaner Connecticut River and Long Island Sound. 

Referendums passed in 2006 and 2012 authorized the initial spending for this charge. In 2022, CT DEEP approved an “Integrated Plan” document that manages the Clean Water Project which allows the MDC to begin new, smaller projects to meet regulatory goals while addresssing the existing sewer system and not only creating new capacity.