The Clean Water Project has various construction projects under design and in construction within the District’s member towns.  These projects vary from small cured in place sewer lining projects to large scale treatment plant improvements.

South Hartford Conveyance and Storage Tunnel

Storage tunnels are designed to temporarily hold wastewater during rain events, and then pump the water to the treatment plant after flows subside.

Treatment Plant Improvements

The Hartford Water Pollution Control Facility is undergoing significant capacity upgrades to be able to handle more flows and to treat them to a higher standard.

Sewer Separation

Sewer Separation projects allow sewage and stormwater to each have their own dedicated pipe, helping prevent overflows.

Inflow and Infiltration

There are several pilot projects to address the issue of inflow and infiltration of stormwater in MDC member towns.

Interceptor Pipes

Large “interceptor pipes” must be installed to increase capacity and convey the flow to the treatment plant.